Kindle the Flames

The Kindle the Flames (KtF) program is inspired by National Science Foundation initiatives such as AliceSpumone, and Immune Quest. Like its forebearers, KtF leverages tangential learning, but in the context of game-design and movie-making, to teach teenage students about advanced topics such as programming and computer aided drafting, for free. The long-term objective of KtF is to leverage the appeal of videogames and movies to build a signature low-budget program for attracting young students to the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics fields in an engaging, low-risk, and high-reward atmosphere. 
Initially, I introduced KtF as a summer program, but it became a year-round program due to the enthusiastic reciprocation of both students and parents.  We have expanded to geographically disparate communities through Skype; and, in Moving forward, we will develop an Alice-to-ROS (Robotic Operating System) bridge to support the inclusion of robotic and mixed-reality gaming design competitions into KtF as I start my doctorate with Dr. Chowdhary next year.

A landscape designed at KtF in Alice3 by Fiona
Students making their first worlds in Alice 3 in Alice3 by Fiona