My career goal is to enable the use of autonomous systems in dynamic human and biological environments.  A critical challenge to overcome is automated situational awareness in nonstationary environments.  A key aspect in moving towards automated situational awareness is leveraging limited processing resources to solve time-constrained problems, which I'm currently pursuing with Professor, and Super-Advisor, Dr. Girish Chowdhary.  Our research appears as a chapter in the book by Lucian Busoniu and Levente TamásHandling Uncertainty and Networked Structure in Robot Control, published through Springer. Supplementary material is available here.  

Nominations endorsing my aptitude for research, submitted by Dr. Girish Chowdhary, have resulted in me receiving honors such as the Honorary Marshall Scholarship and the John Brammer PhD Fellowship at Oklahoma State University.  Every time I set expectations regarding my graduate school experience, they have been surpassed, and I emphatically encourage ambitious students to consider working with Dr. Girish Chowdhary

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A combination of the mascots from my undergraduate institution, the University of Florida, and my graduate institution, Oklahoma State University.  Image by Kaiya Sea of Blue Fin Animation.
The Distributed Autonomous Systems Lab (DASLAB) is led by Dr. Girish Chowdhary.  Our research focuses on enabling the long-term and real-world deployments of autonomous and intelligent systems.
My Research Gate profile is here.  All of my papers will be made publicly available on my blog's Publications page
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My Google Scholar profile is here.  All of my papers will be made publicly available on my blog's Publications page
From robotic gaming activities to designing virtual worlds, the objective of Kindle the Flames is to focus on fun, imaginative, exciting, and/or downright inspiring workshops that serve to motivate the acquisition of technical skills.